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“They are all the same” one desperate girl said.

Suddenly a vivid thought came to my head.

Is it true ? Or lie instead ?

It cant be truth

I`m burning proof

Double-hearted entity she is

One side aspires soul

Other is falling for the sight

Clear to me it is

She`s kind of monster

That drags one to abyss


For some reason I’m writing these words somewhere(here, in a thing called blog) in pursuit of finding foundation of our own existence or should I say My very own existence. Why would I need such a thing ? Answer is very simple: doubt. One might wonder why now, how I have been living all those years before. There is no  definitive answer. I look at it as if it was cumulative result of my past, so no matter when, but time would have come anyway (sooner or later, rather later ). Not knowing what is true bothers me. It is like infection which touches every singe  cell, but in this case – thought. You start questioning yourself : for what reason ,if there is any, I’m doing this? Future ? It doesn’t exist. Hopes for the future are very hazy. So I immediately denied some basic ideas of our ancestries.  “I thinktherefore I am” by Rene Descartes I have found to be not very solid foundation. Roots of doubt lies beneath thinking,so how can one be sure about stability of this notion ? Also, what is happening in my head doesn’t necessarily correspond to the world ( does not have physical form). That is enough to reject this.

Secondly, Greek philosophy which is more intuitive at least one part of it. Basically  our world  is a shadow kingdom. Nothing(except for soul) is real there, only mere shadows of what is real – eidos or idea.Then need for  true,eternal world which would touched by light and reached by divined ones, appears – world of eidos. bla bla bla I highly doubt about second part due to the lack of evidence. Not gonna dwell deeply into explaining it since there is no reason for me to do that.

Well, I have come to conclusion, that they very existence of  world is enough to be our unquestionable foundation. Without any real objective reason or destinations. There ar no goals in this world, but we can make them if we wanted to. As far as I can see I don’t have to live for something except for living the life. Enjoyment,experience are the only things that counts. Do not discount religious fanatics or those who disagree, they will do that without our help. Sandbox being a keyword . Enjoy it.

P.S.  I should work more on my english language skills.

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